**don’t delete the text or I’ll haunt you in your sleep**
hi beautiful people, so here’s my first-ever tumblr award, you know I’ve always been wanting to do this since a long long time ago and now I finally got the time to do it yeay! :D
→ Kate Moss (best overall #1)
→ Barbara Palvin (best overall #2)
→ Candice Swanepoel (best overall #3)
→ Best URL
→ Best theme
→ Best hover tabs
→ Best icon
→ Best posts *new category*
→ Best sidebar
→ Best playlist
→ Best light luxury
→ Best fashion
→ Best personal
→ Best quality *new category*
→ Nicest blogger *new category*
→ Sweetest blogger *new category*
→ Best color scheme *new category*
→ Random (3x)
→ New followers (2x)
→ Worth a follow (2x) *new category*
♧ You have to be following me
♧ You have to reblog this for a chance to win
♧ Likes only count as bookmarks
♧ You have to be nice to your followers/people in general
♧ Your blog have to be active
♧ Have a clean blog
♧ Follower count and blog types does not matter
Higher chance:
✿ Talk to me, I don’t bite:3
✿ Tag a post with #luxurance telling me a bit about yourself, blog    and why should I choose you
✿ Reblog this post more than once, there’s no limit of reblogging but  don’t annoy your followers (:
If you win:
☀ You will be featured on my blog for at least a month
☀ You will get surprise promo weekly;3
☀ You will get a new fab friend aka me yay:3
☆ I will choose the winner when I get satisfied with the notes or probably after I finished the national examination around 10th of May
☆ The winner will be notify by me so keep your askbox open!
☆ I may add more categories depending on the notes
☆ The banner was made by me, that’s why it looks lame lol
☆ Originally posted 13th of April
Well I guess that’s all for now, if there’s something else you want to know about this please don’t be scared to message me here, my askbox are always open for all of you! Good luck bbys!♡